Moving your family near the beach is a dream come true for many Australians. The ambiance, the scenery, and the lifestyle of a beachside community are very different from inner city or suburban life. But regardless of how unique it is to live near the beach, you may be facing the dilemma of choosing between living in an apartment or a house.

According to the 2016 Census of Population and Housing, the popularity of apartment living has increased among Australians. The ratio of people staying in an apartment to those living in a house is now 1:5, compared to 1:7 back in 1991. Although this increase can be seen mainly in Australia’s capital cities, the benefits of apartment living in urban areas are the same as apartment living near the beach, plus more.

There are many advantages of living in an apartment near the beach and you’ll be surprised at how significant they are for your family’s welfare. Some advantages include:

1. Ideal Location

A primary advantage of living in an apartment is being able to afford to live in a desirable location where you normally wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a house, such as a beach-side location. Aside from being within walking distance to the beach, most apartments are built in the heart of established communities. This means you will be close to major amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, banks, schools, and hospitals. Apartment buildings also tend to have multiple floors, and if your apartment happens to be on a higher level, you’ll have a great view of the beach, ocean, and skyline from your balcony.

View of Surfers Paradise from Cerulean

View of Macintosh Island and Surfers Paradise from Cerulean

2. Cheaper Price

Buying an apartment is generally more affordable compared to purchasing a house. If you are to buy an apartment near the beach, you’ll be able to save for the deposit much faster, unlike with house purchases. This way, you’ll be able to move and start your new apartment lifestyle faster.

3. Included Facilities

Living in an apartment will usually give you access to a variety of amenities and facilities at no extra cost, great for couples, and those with families alike. Amenities could include things like a swimming pool, playground, gym facility, under cover parking and a shared garden. These are additional sources of entertainment and recreational activities for members of the family and add to the quality of life. If you live in a house, these amenities may not be present, unless you add them yourself.

Cerulean Sunset View

4. Lower Utility Bills

Although the smaller space of an apartment may be a turnoff for some people, it’s also one of the major advantages of living in an apartment. Why? Because a smaller space requires less electricity and maintenance. An apartment will generally have a lower number of lights, meaning less electricity is required to light up the apartment. There will also be less space to clean, which will save you money on cleaning products, water, and electricity. You’ll only use the vacuum cleaner for a short time and it will take less time to heat up or cool down the apartment compared to a house, saving you time and money.

5. Better Security

Beaches in Australia attract thousands of local and international tourists at any given time of the year. Although safety is not a big problem in the country, you can rest easy in knowing that security in apartment buildings is of a high standard. These properties have layers of security that will ensure the residents’ safety. Aside from a tight front entry system, there are security cameras on all corners and hallways of the apartments. All of these are present without any effort from you. If you live in a house, every security measure will require your effort and investment.

Apartment Living at Cerulean Main Beach

Clearly, there are many great advantages of living in an apartment and they are  beneficial to young families and couples, as well as seniors looking to downsize. If you are looking for a luxury, well appointed apartment to purchase on the Gold Coast, there’s no better option than Cerulean Main Beach.

Cerulean is a 16-level residential apartment that offers living space near the beach with contemporary designs and architecture. With Cerulean Main Beach, you’ll get all the great benefits of living in an apartment and more. Enquire now so we can discuss how you can get your apartment and be a true Main Beach resident.