It is fair to say that a large portion of the population love our beautiful Australian beaches.

The lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere that is associated with beachfront living makes units in a suburb such as Main Beach extremely appealing.

Advantages Of Beachfront Property

Apart from the obvious lifestyle factors, there are actually many other advantages of owning a beachfront unit which we have listed below.

Secure Investment

Beachfront land is a limited resource which means that beach front properties will generally have a higher market value when compared to other types of property. Beachfront property also tends to hold a more stable value even when the property market is more volatile or unpredictable.

With a higher, more stable market value, a beachfront property will be s more secure investment.

Higher Rental income

Beachfront units are a highly sought after type of property on the Gold Coast. Thanks to the laws of supply and demand, beachfront properties are often much easier to find tenants to rent. The benefits of the beachfront lifestyle makes it more likely that your investment will yield a higher rental income when compared to regular properties.

Potential For Vacation & Holiday Property

A beachfront unit will generally attract a higher rental return than other types of property, but there is also the potential to increase your earnings by renting out to short stay holiday makers.

The only downside of this is that you will need a management company and you will need to furnish the property, but with the inflated prices that can be charged for short stays it can be well worth it in the end.

Save Your Own Vacation Costs

If you are investing in a beachfront unit like Cerulean, you could rent out your unit for 11 months of the year and visit for 1 month to use it for your own family holidays.

There is nothing better than having your own holiday unit and it can save significant costs of family holidays especially over the course of 10 or 20 years. Why not purchase a beachfront holiday unit and have renters pay it off for you?

Beach lifestyle

Owning property close to the beach allows you to live the easy going beach bum lifestyle that many people crave. The seabreeze, the crashing ocean, salty air and easy access to the beach whenever you feel like it sounds almost like a permanent holiday.

This type of lifestyle is bound to positively impact your emotional and psychological wellbeing. If you like to get out and swim, bodyboard, paddleboard or surf, it can be great for your physical health as well.

Not to mention that the beach provides endless entertainment for the kids and you will always have something to do when you have guests or visitors.

Cerulean Main Beach

Cerulean luxury apartments make the ultimate lifestyle statement. This beautifully quiet location set one block from Tedder Ave and only 100 steps to the sand make this a truly remarkable location.

For enquiries on purchasing a luxury unit, please call 1300 391 804 or contact us online.