Situated just north of Surfers Paradise, Main Beach has some of the best beaches on the Gold Coast. Earning its name for being the main surf beach of Southport, Main Beach has an open shore break that is well known amongst Aussies and international surfers. But aside from the excellent surf, it also offers different attractions and exciting activities to tourists and residents alike.

Visit Sea World

Penguins and dolphins at Main Beach? How about polar bears? Yes, we have them! At Sea World, that is. The park is full of wonderful land and sea creatures, exciting rides, and entertaining shows that both adults and kids will enjoy. Sea World is just a five-minute drive away from Cerulean Main Beach, so your family is always just one trip from experiencing the exciting marine life up close. Get a seasonal pass and you can pop in whenever you like for a fraction of the cost.

Ocean Jet Boating

Thrill seekers will have many options for activities in the Main Beach area. One of the best is jet boating: Imagine going over the waves at almost 100km/h, jumping over the waves, and doing quick 360-degree spins while inside the cabin of an 880 horsepower jet boat. Now, that’s exciting!

The vessel is specifically built to handle severe offshore conditions and is tough enough to battle the roaring waves of the Pacific ocean. Plus, the cabin is fully-closed and air-conditioned so you will stay dry and comfortable during the whole experience.

Water Jetpacks

Live your Iron Man fantasies over the beautiful ocean and golden beach with the Gold Coast’s newest water attraction – the water jetpack. Starting at $99, you can feel the adrenaline rush of being airborne for a full 30 minutes. Defy gravity and see the best of Main Beach from above with this cool new contraption worthy of its own movie.

Whale Watching

During the colder months between May and October, Main Beach gets a few extra visitors… and not just on land. During the whale migration season, around 1200 humpback whales travel 500 kilometres to escape the freezing waters of the Antarctic. They will settle near the coast of Queensland, where the waters are warmer for them, and inhabit this area of the Pacific Ocean for five months. If you’re into relaxed but enjoyable Main Beach activities, then whale watching during winter and spring is definitely for you.

Comedy Nights at Mano’s

Every third Tuesday of the month is a time of great laughs for residents of Main Beach. Why? Because it’s Comedy Night at Mano’s in Tedder Avenue, which is just 58 metres away from Cerulean Apartments. Starting at 7:30 pm, you’ll laugh your lungs out with performances from stand-up comedians from all over Australia, for FREE! Now, that’s not a joke. So, mark your calendar and you’ll surely have a good time.

Mariner’s Cove

Just a short drive away is Mariner’s Cove and the prestigious Marina Mirage. Featuring a variety of classy restaurants, pubs, boat hire and cruises, jet ski hire, helicopter flights and some high end shopping, there’s literally something for everyone. Fisherman’s Wharf (or Fisho’s as the locals call it) offers some casual dining while at the other end of the scale restaurants like Glass Dining and Lounge Bar, Omeros Brothers and Fellini Ristorante and Bar are there to satisfy the most discerning diners.

Tedder Avenue

Just 58 metres from Cerulean Main Beach lies the famous Tedder Ave, your soon to be hub for great dining and cafes, local shopping and the famous Main Beach Bakery. Lined with palm trees, the village atmosphere along Tedder will have you feeling right at home. The ultimate hang-out spot and place to meet with friends, you’ll find yourself wandering here most days for a coffee, catch up or some last minute groceries.

Cerulean Apartments at Main Beach

As you can see, there’s something for everyone in Main Beach, making it one of the best beachside suburbs to live in on the Gold Coast.

If you’re looking for a property that will place you near the best attractions in Main Beach, Cerulean is the right choice for you.

Cerulean is a contemporary 16-level residential apartment, situated at the heart of Main Beach on the Gold Coast. The prime location creates perfect views of the Nerang River,  Pacific Ocean, and the Main Beach and Surfers skyline.

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